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We can help you make a real difference to our natural world. As a non-profit foundation we are dependent on the generous support from individuals, companies and other organisations who share the mission of ARAÇÁ.


We strive to use every donation as effectively as possible, with all funds directly supporting project activities on the ground, and only minimal expenditures on administration and reporting.

All finances are reported on an annual basis and will be made available from our homepage.

Donations can be currently made through the Foundation registered in Sweden under the name "Antonelli Foundation for Biodiversity Research and Conservation Insamlingsstiftelse". This non-profit charity is overseen by the County Administrative Board in Gothenburg (Länsstyrelsen i Göteborg) under Sweden’s foundation law (stiftelselag). The Foundation is governed by the Foundation Board, consisting at its inception of three members who work on a voluntary basis: Anna Antonelli, Alexandre Antonelli and Johan Berg. 

Swedish Foundation Statutes

Below is a translated summary of the full Statutes: 

The purpose of the Foundation is to promote the research and conservation of biological diversity. In order to fulfil these objectives, the Foundation works with and supports targeted projects and other arrangements in the fields of research, education and dissemination of knowledge, nature conservation including conservation and species protection, ecological restoration, sustainable use of natural resources, social entrepreneurship, technological development and adaptation, communication, counselling, collaboration, and other themes and areas that the Board of Directors considers to be in accordance with the spirit and purpose of the Foundation.


Capital shall be provided to the Foundation through fundraising activities. The Foundation shall use the capital raised and the return on it to fulfil its mission, taking into account that the necessary funds are available for auditing and other measures for satisfactory administration and development. The administration of the Board and the Foundation's accounts shall be audited annually by an authorised auditor or an auditing company. The Foundation shall be supervised in accordance with the Foundation Act or other law in force at any given time. 


The Foundation has the right to acquire, manage, sell, exchange and rent land, real estate, buildings, equipment, other infrastructure and enterprises for the fulfilment of the mission. Important keywords are excellence, inclusion, sustainability, cooperation, ambition, innovation, quality, responsibility, transparency and inclusion. The Foundation is non-profit, non-partisan and non-religious.

If you have any questions about the donation process, please contact us!


Antonelli insamlingsstiftelse

SEB Bank

Account number: 5004-11 085 23 

Bankgiro number: 127-7292

Alexandre Antonelli


(contact us for more information)




Antonelli insamlingsstiftelse

SEB Bank

Account number: 5004-11 085 23 

IBAN: SE5450000000050041108523


SEB, SE-106 40, Stockholm, Sweden

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